Collar Flowers

The Problem: I’ve got some old flowers cluttering up my house.

Initial flowers
The offenders. Actually, they’re just really pretty so I want to use them!

The Solution: Make them into beautiful collar decorations!

All flowers
For now I’ve made four, but they’re so easy to make more of!

Collar Flower DIY

To make this a doable project for all levels, I wanted to experiment with different ways of making these. Therefore each of the four flowers above will have their own how-to!

(Little) Table of contents:

  • No-sew flower with button
  • No-sew flower without button
  • Sew flower with button
  • Sew flower without button

No-sew flower with button

Step 1: Take apart the flower.

Taking apart the flower
Get rid of all that uncomfortable green plastic!
Taking apart flower
Keep the petals stacked as you go and don’t forget that last petal in the middle!

Step 2: Glue the flowers together.

Gluing flowers
Cut out a small circle of felt and use that as the base for the flower. Use very thin layers of glue because it will all stack up and make the flower really thick.

Step 3: Add the button.

Gluing the button on
You guessed it – trusty ol’ hot glue!

Step 4: Add the elastic.

Adding elastic
Cut out a small strip of felt and use it to loop on the elastic. Gluing the elastic right onto the flower wont hold as well and may even melt it!

No-sew flower without button

Step 1: Glue the flower petals in a stack.

Gluing the flower together
Make sure to use thin layers of glue between flower petals so it doesn’t get too thick.

Step 2: Fold the flower stack first in half, then in quarters, gluing the seams

Folding the flower

Step 3: Cut the bottom of the flower off to flatten it and glue it onto a small circle of felt.

Making the flower bottom flat

Step 4: Add the elastic

Adding the elastic
Cut out a small strip of felt, glue one side onto your felt circle, put the elastic on it, then glue down the other side. Using the strip of felt to hold on the elastic will make it last longer!

Sew flower with button

Step 1: Sew your stack of flowers together with a small circle of felt on the bottom.

Sewing petals together
If you start your needle in the middle of the stack, you can easily hide your knot.
Solving a stuck needle
If you’re impulsive like me and start gluing before you decide you want to sew the flower, the glues gonna make your needle stick. Thimbles help, but I find pilers to be the most helpful!

Don’t forget to sew your button on the front! I found it helpful to sew the petals together a bit before sewing on the button.

Step 2: Sew on the elastic. Simply loop your thread around the elastic and pull tight to secure.

Sewing on the elastic

Sew flower without button

Step 1: Sew the petals together.

Sewing the petals together

Step 2: Fold the flower stack first in half, then in quarters, sewing the seams as you go.

Folding the flower

Step 3: Sew a small felt circle onto the base.

Sewing on the felt
I also sewed around the edges of the felt, pulling in petals to flatten the outside a bit.

Step 4: Sew on the elastic. Simply loop your thread around the elastic and pull tight to secure.

Sew the elastic on

There ya go! Four different collar flowers. I wasn’t sure how my dogs would like these, I was afraid they might be itchy, but they don’t bother them at all! As I type, the little tan Havanese is laying on my lap, completely passed out, with her multi-colored flower on.